What is a SuperOrganism?

Superorganism is a term taken from sociobiology to explain the coordinated behavior of a lot of discrete individual living things:


We use the term “Super” to describe the specific scenario where people cease to see themselves as individuals, but rather component members of a greater thing.  There are some very well known and obvious manifestations of this kind of behavior, notably “the wave”:



The Balinese Monkey Chant uses call and response techniques to create some very complex and interesting forms.  We draw heavily from its structure in our own Supers…



The basic premise is that we enter a space willing to offer up some of our ego to contribute to a unique and powerful experience which occurs through the group. we play with a simple set of rules, and see what happens.


how to prepare:

come with an open mind, a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, and a desire to expand. you are attending this experience not as an audience member, but an important participant.

what to expect:

1. it can become very physical. wear clothes you can move in.

2. it doesn’t take itself seriously. be prepared for nonsense and comedy.

3. human contact is frequent. be open to it.